Brian and Oggie
In April 2015 I had asked a friend to look after Oggi whilst I was busy, she let Oggi out of her flat to go to the toilet, he was not on his lead, a man was passing with his pug, also off lead, at the same time. Oggi and the pug sniffed each other, the pug growled...

because dogs are not born to bite

Our Mission

Born Innocent believes that dog bites occur due to irresponsible ownership and emphasis on particular breeds does not keep the public safe, as all dogs have the ability to bite.

Our mission is to focus on bite prevention outside of breed focused strategies.
We campaign for breed neutral legislation in the UK backed by a framework that fosters education, responsible ownership and bite prevention, supported by scientific research.
Rachael and Darcie

Darcie came to us at 6 weeks old, the house she came from was not the best, the owner wanted the puppies gone so we brought her home. We saw her mother, a tiny tan coloured staffy, we were told her father was a mastiff/sharpei cross so we had no idea who Darcie would take after when she grew up. Darcie soon became our adored little puppy...

Born Innocent features in The Times

Born Innocent featured in The Times, in an article written by our Patron, Professor John Cooper QC,

on why it is time to reform the Dangerous Dogs Act, 1991.

In the piece, we discuss how more protective measures need to be put in place to meet the real issues and strongly argue that the focus on breed specific legislation is flawed and ineffective.

We also point out the the need for public protection and how the act has utterly failed to provide this.

Click on the tab to read more.

Born Innocent meet with the Ministry of Justice

Members of the Born Innocent team met with representatives from the Law Commission at the Ministry of Justice. We were invited in to discuss our report that we had prepared for them which formed part of their 13th Programme on Law Reform.

We discussed at great length, the legal process that dog owners face when their dog is seized and typed by the police. 

Reviewing Government Strategy on Dangerous Dog Attacks

Born Innocent attended a strategy day on Tackling Dangerous Dog Attacks, which was a review of government strategy.

The event was also attended by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Dogs Trust and the RSPCA, who also presented.

A wealth of topics were discussed including the failure of breed specific legislation, dog training and a joint approach by multiple organisations on how we prevent dog bites. 

BBC Wales - Born Innocent Interview
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"All dogs can bite in the hands of an irresponsible owner"

Born Innocent's Jayne Dendle, recently gave an interview to BBC Wales about the Dangerous Dogs Act and discussed the many flaws with Breed Specific Legislation. Jayne told the BBC's Ian Hunt that, "all dogs can bite in the hands of an irresponsible owner."

"This Act doesn't provide any form of protection and victimises innocent dogs"
Born Innocent's Patron, Professor John Cooper QC, was interviewed on BBC Tees
on the 25th anniversary of the implementation of Breed Specific Legislation.
Professor Cooper talked about a wide range of issues including police processes and what makes good legislation.
He said, "Sometimes owners are being bullied by police to handover dogs that aren't dangerous and are destroyed without any process what so ever." He added, "The important thing about legislation is that it has to make a statement and also has to be effective."
When asked how he felt about this law, he said, "I, as a lawyer am embarrassed by this piece of legislation."
You can listen to the interview at 01:24:47 here or click on the 'listen'.

Join the Movement

Born Innocent Sub-Committee Member, Grace Clarke, is qualified in both dog training and canine psychology and has plenty of hands on experience with dogs, through kennel work.


Grace also runs the extremely successful Blog, Bark, where she writes about all things dog. You can learn more about her here.

Nickola Engle is a dog trainer and behvaviourist. She has also written a book for children on dog safety called, 'What's My Dog Saying?'
Before she started her own dog training school, Nickola worked for Wood Green Animal Charity and trained police dogs.
Nickola sits on our sub-committee and you can learn more about her by clicking on the tab. 

Can You Help by Donating?

Every penny you donate goes into our research, lobbying and campaigning efforts to bring about change to the Dangerous Dogs Act. 


Together, we can campaign and lobby for a safer environment for everyone... because dogs are not born to bite. 

Meet Banjo and Lilly;

our Born Innocent Ambassadors.


Banjo belongs to Gemma and Lilly to Alex and Yaad; both families have had to endure the legal, financial and emotional hardship of breed specific legislation and both have proved to be fantastic advocates for Pit bull type dogs, they also promote responsible dog ownership and are wonderful people. Find out more about them here.



Born Innocent feature in Dogs Today
Born Innocent feature in the latest edition of Dogs Today magazine.
The article discusses Breed Specific Legislation and what type of legislation we would like to see, in place of this.
The piece focuses on the case of Butch, who was left without food or water after his owner passed away. Butch's case has come under the spotlight after his controverisal assessment by a police 'expert'. 
The case is ongoing but it highlights just how controversial some police practises are, that lead to dogs fighting for their lives through the legal system.
The Senior Staffy Club have offered Butch a rescue place and James Parry of the solicitor's firm, Parry, Welch and Lacey, has been instructed in Butch's case.  

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