Do you work in an environment where you have concerns about the way dogs are being looked after or treated? Born Innocent would like to hear from you and help you.


Below is some generic advice from Born Innocent, that may help you. If you feel you would like to talk to someone we are here to support you, whatever you choose to do.


You can email us at 

Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 also known as Whistleblowing. 

If you have genuine concerns about the health and safety of dogs and or yourself/colleagues, you can blow the whistle but the issues must be in the public interest. Most companies do have a Whistleblowing policy in place but not all. Before you decide whether this is the right avenue for you, you must always seek advice and guidance.

Whistleblowers UK is a a non-profit organisation, who can offer advice and listen to your concerns. 

What constitutes as 'Public Interest'?

You can find out more about what you can and can't blow the whistle on by clicking on this link:

This website is government guidance on whistleblowing. 

Born Innocent Tip
Did you know that you lose your protected whistleblower status if you speak out to the media and blow your cover?
 However, you can keep it if you speak out anonymously

This is for general information only. It is not legal advice. Always seek independent advice. 

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